Optimize. Automate. Expand

At Farada we help Creative Agencies and Marketing Departments scale up and reach world-class performance levels.

 From Corporate Strategy Development, Industry-specific ERP implementation, Business Development Methodology to Employee Performance Evaluation

We  get your Creative or Marketing operations working to full potential.

"An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing" -Dale Carnegie


Grand Strategy Development

Full repositioning exercise that will prime your agency for new territories and sustainable growth.

A corporate strategy will not be achieved without Sound Operations Management. So, a full assessment of the existing Operational Model is necessary.

The Farada Sound Operations Management Infrastructure (tf-SOMI™️)

Work Flow Development & Optimization

Process design for creative agencies and marketing departments, as per the industry's best practices. Fully aligned with the organization's corporate strategy and operational values.

Comprehensive World-Class Operations Manual

Detailed operations work instructions, detailing step by step what is expected, how it is expected, when and by whom. To include operational values, specifications & standards, process time and authority matrices. Available in Arabic and English.

Fully-integrated Agency Management Software

Industry-specific ERP implementation. Including pre-live, post-live support, & General Ledger migration. The software Farada recommends is unrivaled, unparalleled, and does it all.



.....Stop firefighting, start creating.

Agency Performance Assessment

Full assessment of agency performance after at least 6 months from Workamajig deployment, utilizing Workamajig dashboards, financial performance KPIs like Utilization/Realization. 

 Agency Project Management KPIs such as Employee output in deliverables per function per role. Optimum performance is expected to be analyzed. A roadmap for optimization is to be provided in a report.

New Business Methodology

Don't burnout your resources for a mirage......

New business is vital for growth, but something’s got to give? What will it be? current business? Loyal employees? A broken creative department? 

A painful fact of our region is that we have to engage in RFPs.Which RFPs to reply to? How? Farada can help you balance all that AND show you a methodology that will guarantee you to never get disqualified from a RFP ever again.

Our RFP Record (Private, Public & Governmental)

Marketing, Advertising & Creative Services
Oil & Gas
Total Value in SAR

TeamCulture: Cohesion & Performance

What use is a state-of-the-art operations model and cutting-edge software, if the team is toxic and the culture is poisonous?

Let Farada help you place a framework that will help your incentive scheme, your Employee Performance Evaluation, and assess the many characters you have in your team, and how should they work together. Farada has partnered with Finnish based Extended DISC® analysts to provide a full assessment of team character and how to best gel these members together. Perfect for conflict resolution, team building and leadership.

Farada is an Extended DISC® Authorized Reseller 



“Ahmed was agile and patient. He also blended well with the team and kept everyone involved.”

– Eng. Atif Al-Bokhari , GM Corporate MarCom at NHC